The NorCal WESTOP Staff Development Scholarship financially assists current TRIO staff members enrolling/currently enrolled in graduate school for the Fall 2019 semester. NorCal WESTOP understands the importance of pursuing graduate degrees, and therefore, offers this opportunity as a commitment to the professional development of its membership.


The NorCal WESTOP Leona Wilkinson Award recognizes the dedication and commitment Leona Wilkinson had for the Humboldt State Upward Bound Program as their administrative assistant. This award was created and approved by the NorCal WESTOP board on May 1, 2015, to honor and also recognize the work of other TRIO administrative assistants. Thank you to the generous donation of Rafael Rivera from Humboldt State Upward Bound Program. NorCal WESTOP understands the importance of administrative staff and the unconditional support they provide to our offices and students.

Due: TBD

The NorCal WESTOP TRIO Achievers’ Scholarship financially assists graduating high school seniors and current undergraduate students in their pursuit of completing their higher educational goals.

Leona Wilkinson Award

Staff Development Scholarship



Please contact Scholarship Chair Gina Gutierrez at norcal.westop.scholarship@gmail.com or (415) 921-5537

Due: November 8, 2019

The NorCal WESTOP Leaders’ Scholarship financially assists a NorCal TRIO student/graduate, emerging as a leader in our TRIO community, and is provided in conjunction with the COE’s 39th Annual Policy and Leadership Seminar from Sunday, March 22 2020 to Wednesday, March 25 2020.  One scholarship of $1,500.00 will be awarded to the recipient and is to be used to assist the sponsoring program by covering as many of the expenses associated with the recipient’s travel (transportation, lodging, food, etc.). 

Achievers Scholarship

Leaders' Scholarship

Increasing access to education, one student at a time.