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It was 2015 when I decided to go back to school and continue my journey. My initial plans were to go for the RN program at Mission College. I was previously in the medical field and because of life events, my career turned somewhere.  It wasn't until Spring 2016, I started getting involved in student support programs. During my first semester, I had no idea about financial aid.  It wasn’t until a mandatory workshop that I learned about TRIO and EOPS. They completely changed my life for the better.  I was given so many opportunities, so many educational trips, trainings, and workshops. It has all helped me grow as a daughter, sister, and mother. Currently, I attend California State University, Monterey Bay, I will be graduating in Psychology in Spring 2021. Thanks to TRIO, my dreams came true! I never thought I'd go to University, no one in my family has so I never thought of it. Coming to Mission College has impacted my life with such blessings. I had the opportunity to use services such as computers, printers, workshops, university tours, tutors, and best of all the staff members. With great respect and honor have they pushed me to be my best and I look back and I simply couldn't thank them enough.  The scholarship has helped pay for my classes at CSUMB. That is one thing I must say, save, save, save, because it is EXPENSIVE! The NorCal WESTOP Achievers' Scholarship helped me financially pay for my books and classes for summer 2020. I am able to take summer classes because financial aid does no cover winter or summer classes and in order to finish on time, I must take a class for the summer and this honestly made scholarship made it possible, so thank you and I couldn't be happier with such great opportunities. 

My name is Aaminah Choudhry and I graduated high school in 2019 and attended UCLA after with a major in Human Biology & Society. My career goal is to eventually enter the medical field and work with kids. Being a part of the TRIO programs was so meaningful to me because as a first-generation college student, I did not have anyone to look to for help or advice when it came to college. TRIO was able to help me pursue higher education by not only providing guidance on how to get to college but by meeting with me one on one to answer any questions and help with college applications. Receiving the NorCal WESTOP Scholarship was such an honor and I was so grateful for the extra support in furthering my education. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the TRIO programs and their help in getting this brown, low-income, first-generation kid to college. 

2019 Achievers' Award Recipient

2019 Achievers' Award Recipient

2018-2019 NorCal Scholarship Recipients

- Aaminah Choudhry

  2019 Achievers’ Scholarship Recipient  

  Attending UC, Davis  

-  Sherry Galvez
   2019 Achievers’ Scholarship Recipient

   Attending CSU, Monterey Bay